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Welcome to Racing Distribution, a proudly South African company. Racing Distribution was founded in 1997 in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It has since then grown into a company that focuses on the distribution of  publications nationally with warehouses situated in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Gauteng. Our friendly and skillful team together with a fleet in excess of 50 vehicles enables us to offer an optimised distribution service.

We pride ourselves on building long term partnerships, by exceeding consumer expectations through obsession, integrity, accessibility and flexibility.

Our Motto

“Of course we can” is a mantra you can expect to hear from us often. It is this ‘can do’ attitude that has driven us this far today, and we believe it will drive us further into the future. We believe in consumer solutions. We believe in being positive. And when posed with a challenge, we also believe in finding reasons as to why things can be done!

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    To be recognised for delivering market leading tailored distribution solutions that are dependable, cost effective and provides our valued consumers with the opportunity for them to focus on their critical business initiatives.


    To achieve our mission our focus is centred on:

    • Expanding our fleet.
    • Expanding our warehousing footprint.
    • Continuous investment in the training of our team members.
    • Recruiting, growing from within, and retaining team members that are obsessive about service excellence.
    • Driving innovation and technological advancement.
    • Vehicle roadworthiness and driver safety.
    • Maintaining integrity through honest interaction and competitive pricing.


    This relates not only to the expectation of behaviours towards customers, but also our team members and other internal or external parties that we work or interact with.It means taking an interest in our customers and being friendly, caring and passionate brand ambassadors. We pride ourselves in the manner in which we engage with others.  We believe in going out of our way to delight our customers by anticipating customer needs. We continuously seek to exceed expectations through being knowledgeable, accessible and helpful in our interactions.

    Racing Distribution  is passionate in delivering on our obligations and our duties. Making a commitment involves dedicating yourself to something. We have a strong work ethic and remain true to our commitments and promises through determination. We persevere despite challenges and deliver on commitments whether relating to our work, the company, each other, our customers and any party that we interact with.

    Integrity is being true to ourselves and never wavering from what we know is right. It implies respect for others, for Racing Distribution and for the environment and communities in which we live and operate. Integrity is about a sense of honesty and truthfulness. It is a simple yet all-encompassing formula for life which says: Be truthful, communicate openly, and do the right thing in accordance with Racing Distribution’s values. At Racing Distribution we are honest in our actions and our behaviour. We are transparent in our communication and we do not cover up or hide the truth.

    Everyone in Racing Distribution is empowered to think differently and to seek better ways of doing things. We believe that we become market leaders by innovating new products, processes and services. We constantly challenge the status quo, we strive for continuous improvement, we try new things and we learn from our mistakes. We are not limited in our thinking and think in a way that suggests that there “is no box” as opposed to thinking “out of the box”.

    Ubuntu means “human kindness”. It is a quality that includes compassion, humanity and understanding, which enables us to impact positively on each other and society. We are all part of the Racing Distribution family and our culture has always been to create a sense of belonging. Rather than jealously protect, we gladly collaborate and we share a sense of togetherness. We promote cooperation within and across departments and regions to the benefit of the whole. We openly embrace our diversity and take personal interest in others. We value all contributions, we trust and support each other and share in our successes.

    Racing Distribution has an obsession for what we do. We are energetic and we are all ambassadors not because we have to be, but because we love our brand, what we stand for and how we do things. We have a positive outlook on how we approach our work and work environment and have a contagious energy about us. We are obsessed in achieving what we want to achieve and are driven from within because we are motivated and enjoy what we do. We work hard and play hard and enjoy the rewards of our successes.

    Accountability is taking full ownership of all our actions including our mistakes. We are disciplined in our approach and our attitude is always “Can do” rather than “I’ll see”. We make ourselves accountable and we keep each other accountable. We are part of the solution and we deliver with actions and results.

    Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

    Broad Based Black Empowerment forms an imperative part of our core strategy. Transformation in South Africa is largely governed by regulatory frameworks and legislation. We believe that transformation, as underpinned by the 3 pillars, is key to South Africa’s future. We are excited about our initiatives on supplier development, preferential procurement and enterprise development for which we scored full points. Our team is extremely grateful for the learner ship and management development programmes that we offer through our sister company, The Star Factory. Not only do we focus on equal employment opportunities for all levels of our organisation, employment of females and team members with disabilities forms an integral part of our employment equity plan. 2017 has been a significant milestone for us as we introduce our 30% black female shareholder.

    We are proudly a level 2 BBBEE Contributor with 125% procurement recognition.


    Our goal is to take care of our planet by challenging the extent of our carbon footprint and the use of resources in all that we do. During the year we have contributed to a greener environment by:

    • Streamlining route determination to reduce kilometres travelled.
    • Limiting the use of fresh water by washing our vehicles with collected rain water as available.
    • Ensuring that we have a well maintained fleet through stringent routine checks on our vehicles operational functionality.
    • Maintaining an intense focus on unnecessary acceleration, excessive idling and harsh braking aided by our sophisticated vehicle tracking and fleet management system.
    • Training our team on the importance of our environment and how to execute their job in an environmentally friendly manner.